Terms & Conditions


Payment Policy

A deposit of 50% of the total amount is required to be paid 14 days prior to guest arrival in Low& Middle season and 21 days in High season, either via credit card or wire bank transfer in order to guarantee the reservation.

Cancellation Policy

No fees are charged for cancellations made 14 days prior to guest arrival in Low& Middle season and 21 days in High season.

A fee of 50% of the cost of the reservation is charged as cancellation fees in case of cancellation within 14 days during Low (01/05- 31/05 & 01/10- 31/10) and Middle (01/06-05/07& 03/09-30/09) season or within 21 days during High season (06/07-02/09).

In case of non-show or departure prior to the scheduled date the total stay cost is required as cancellation fees

Check-In Policy

Check-In time: 14:00

Check-Out time: 12:00


Deposit and Cancellation policy

A deposit of 30% of the property rental must be paid and the booking form must be duly signed in order a reservation to be considered guarantee. We can only confirm a booking as soon as the deposit is received in full.

The balance of the payment of the property rental must be paid at least six (6) weeks before your arrival. In case the balance is not fully received by us within the deadline for payment, we reserve the right to cancel the booking without any prejudice to our claim for cancellation charges and we are entitled to retain the deposit. In regards to bookings made within six (6) weeks of the arrival date, you will be required to pay the full cost of your stay at the time the booking is made.

In case of cancellation by you or a cancellation by us due to non-payment 6 weeks or more before arrival = 30 % of the property rental will be charged (non-refundable deposit). In case of cancellation within 6 weeks of arrival then the total stay will be charged as cancellation fees = 100% of the property rental (deposit and balance). All cancellations must be sent to us in writing and signed by the signatory of the booking form. No-show or departure prior to the scheduled date results in 100% charge of the stay

In the unlikely event that we are obliged to alter a confirmed arrangement we will make sure to inform you at the earliest possible date. In the improbable occasions that we are unable to provide you with the reserved property for reasons outside our control we reserve the right to transfer your reservation to a similar or superior property with your consent. In the event that you do not agree with the transfer of the reservation or that such transfer is impossible the reservation will be cancelled and the amount paid to us for the villa will be refunded. However, we note that we do not accept any liability for any cancellation charges for travel arrangements.

Minimum stay period policy

During all three seasons the minimum stay period policy is seven (7) days. However, a shorter minimum stay may be allowed in some exceptions depending on the villa and availability, surcharges may apply in such cases.

For the villas on which a daily rate is applied the minimum stay period policy is three (3) nights unless otherwise specified.

Insurance policies

It is required in order to make a reservation with us that you and your companion acquire at the time of the reservation and are covered by full travel insurance which must include coverage against cancellation and against personal injury. You are advised to contact your travel agent or insurance broker on this matter for more information on the appropriate insurance coverage. Please note that your signature on the reservation form confirms that you are covered by such insurance.

Policies during your stay

1.It is stipulated that the number of guests in the villa do not exceed the indicated maximum number of capacity for each villa as stipulated in the reservation form. Furthermore, it is usual requisite policy that only the guests specified on the reservation form may make use of the villa. The landlord of the villa reserves the right to request from the guests to vacate the property if more than the guests specified are found staying at the villa.

2.To make sure that our guests are best served, we have visited and inspected each villa and therefore the descriptions indicated in this website are made in good faith and are accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, if it turns out that the landlord of the villa has made alterations to the interior and/or exterior of the villa without informing us we do not accept responsibility for any such alterations. In addition, we also decline any liabilities for any shortage of electricity, water or gas supply or any breakdown of the swimming pool filtration system.

3.For any problems or complains that you may have with the villa during your stay that cannot be dealt with directly with the landlord we advise you to contact us directly. It is requisite that you contact us during your stay for any matters of compensation from the landlord to we are able to claim such compensation on your behalf. Otherwise, any complaints on the villas made after your stay will not be taken into consideration and no action will be taken. Please note that in the case you depart from the villa prior to the agreed without informing us you will not be entitled to any refund or rebate.

4.The person signing the reservation form resumes responsibility for the appropriate behavior of all guests during the stay, as well as any responsibility for any loss or damage caused to the villa or any content of the villa by any guest. Any such damage must be immediately reported to the landlord or/and to us. The cost of repair or replacement of the damage will be undertaken by you. The landlord reserves the right to request that you and your guests vacate the premises if your or any of your guests behavior is inappropriate and disrespectful to the villa.

5. We and the landlord decline any liability for any injuries occurred to any of the guests in the villa during your stay.

6.Any event or party involving a large amount of guests must be notified and approved by the landlord and us otherwise it is prohibited. In case of a prohibited use of the property the landlord reserved the right to require that you and your quests to vacate the property.

7.Any valuables kept at the villa will be kept at your own responsibility and risk. We and the landlord of the villa do not take any responsibility for any loss, damage, misplacement or theft to yours and your guests personal property at any time during your stay.

Check-in and check-out polic

Security deposit policy

It is indicated in the reservation form that a security deposit is required to be fully paid with the balance of the reservation in order to cover any damages made to the villa. If no such damages occur the amount will be fully refunded to your bank account no later than fifteen days from your departure.

Policies on children and pets in the villas

Children are generally accepted in our villas. However, you are required to notify us prior to finalizing the reservation of any children that will be staying at the villa since in some villas certain child age restriction policies may apply.

Pets are generally not accepted in the villas. You are therefore, required to notify us prior to finalizing the reservation of any pets that you wish to accompany you during your stay at the villa and we can request authorization from the landlord if possible. Additional security deposit charges may apply.

Services available at the villas

1.Linen change and general maid service are provided at the villas once a week unless differently agreed when making the reservation. The villa will be cleaned at the commencement of the stay prior to your arrival. You are requested to leave the villa in order and clean when departing.

2.Swimming pools, if available at a villa, will be clean and operational and will remain as such by the landlord. Please note that you are advice to inquire with us for the periods that the swimming pool will be operational when making the reservation (especially if the reservation is made for the period before 01 June or after 01 October.

3.Cook service is generally not provided in the villas unless otherwise agreed. You are therefore, advised to inquire with us when making the reservation if you wish to request a private cook or caterer.

4.Some villas do not provide telephone or Internet services unless otherwise specified. Please advise with us when making the reservation on whether such services exist. Furthermore, even if the villas provide wi-fi services we cannot guarantee that we will be able to re-establish the wi-fi connection in the event of any technical problems.

5.Since the villas are located in an island electricity and/or water shortage instances may take place in some occasions. We do not take responsibility for any such events or disruptions outside our control and we cannot guarantee re-establishment of the supply.

Governing law and Jurisdiction Policy

This agreement (and any dispute, controversy, proceedings or claim of whatever nature arising out of or in any way relating to this agreement or its formation) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Greek law.

Each of the parties irrevocably agrees that the courts of Greece shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear and decide any suits action or proceedings, and/or to settle any disputes which might arise out of or in connection with this agreement or its formation and, for these purposes, each party irrevocably submits to the jurisdiction of the courts of Greece.